Thursday, April 21, 2011

feeling duped

was in the grocery store the other day with my husband and 10 month old daughter. i'm at the meat counter and brian comes up to me with a box of nutri-grain whole wheat eggo waffles. he thought it would be a great breakfast item for a 10 month old with minimal teeth. i give my husband so much credit because he grabbed what appeared to be the healthiest of the options for our babe knowing i strive to find whatever has the lowest amount of sugar and preferably offers whole wheat. i immediately look at the ingredients and the first thing listed is wheat flour enriched. because it doesn't say "whole" in front of wheat, a flag goes up. second flag is enriched. food manufacturers are beyond smart. since the recent craze of eating wheat vs. white, many have switched their ingredients to include wheat flour. essentially it's the same as white flour. white flour is wheat flour bleached. enriched means removing natural vitamins and minerals (bran and germ) to improve the products shelf life. crappy part was i couldn't find anything better in the freezer so i had to buy it if i wanted frozen waffles. will reagan die or will her health be sacraficed? of course not, but if i have the option to pick simple ingredients, i do it.
i feel duped..... somebody is constantly trying to trick me into thinking i'm eating healthier.
i get a free e-newsletter from men's health called "eat this, not that" and was feeling duped yet again when i read this weeks'. the title was "the truth about nutrition labels". most shocking tidbit was finding out that the usda hasn't regulated the use of the words "all natural" on food packaging (aside from meat and poultry) so anybody can use it and it's for you to determine whether or not it is.
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this is a great newsletter with some tasty salad recipes

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