Thursday, March 3, 2011

if there were only 2 more hours in the day

who couldn't spare a little time? these are my top 10 cooking shortcuts giving you maybe 10 minutes of your precious life back.

1. garlic. i feel like it's in every recipe known to man. buy the garlic already minced in a jar in the produce section.
2. use rotisserie chicken when you can...sometimes it's cheaper!
3. invest in this amazing little gadget- mini food chopper. chopping onions couldn't be easier.
4. baked potato with your friday night fish fry? cook the potato in the microwave... tastes the same. just don't forget to poke holes in it.
5. bacon. america's favorite food. it requires a ton of babysitting. instead, place bacon on a cooling rack over a foil lined cookie sheet. cook at 400 degrees for 10-12 minutes. 
6. uncle ben really came up with a breakthrough idea here. 90 second ready rice. it doesn't sacrifice flavor and doesn't taste anything like that awful minute rice. you literally throw the bag in the microwave and voila!
7. kailyn shared this smart little idea. when baking with a whole stick of butter and expected to grease baking dishes, use the wrapper that the butter was just in. when making rice crispy treats and trying to pat that sticky gooey mess down in the pan... use the same wrapper! how smart!
8. i'm always afraid to do this, but it always works. use no-cook noodles in lasagna.
9. when sauteing veggies, don't add salt until after their done cooking. salt slows down the cooking process.
10. who are you kidding... just buy your own pie crust dough, pizza dough and bisquick. nobody will even notice!

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