i love food. who doesn't love food? once upon a time my sister and i devoted all of our calorie intake to the ever famous pasta-roni. yum. thank god i've expanded my horizons. i've really come to love sharing my recipes. i think it comes from having the confidence in my cooking and inspiring others to cook too. 

i have a few friends that are afraid to cook or claim they can’t. i truly believe it’s simply the fear of the unknown. the theme of this blog is cooking made simple. i pride myself on taking a recipe and dumbing it down for the average joe or just creating my own. hoping to share my love of cooking and eating which will hopefully inspire you to cook and eat!

not enough dish? well here's some more random factoids...

  1. i don't really like baking. nope, i take that back. i hate it. you will rarely find a recipe on this site requiring baking.
  2. i love pasta. it's sick actually. i could eat spaghetti and meatballs everyday of the week and not get sick of it. 
  3. macaroni and cheese comes in a close second.
  4. on occasion i get really angry in the kitchen. i once threw away half of a batch of christmas cookies in a fit of rage because they weren't pretty enough. (that or the baking part got to me)
  5. my husband makes one thing and one thing only- tacos. when he does attempt the art of cooking i usually interrupt him about half way thru pointing out something he's doing wrong. then he yells. i am not very good at what you would call "letting go".
  6. i don't like seafood. yep, you read that correctly. the fishies and i don't get along. i'm actually very heartbroken about this knowing how healthy fish is. regardless, my family and friends love it, so you'll definitely find some under the sea recipes here. 
  7. i didn't eat salsa until i was 17. weird, i know.
  8. my two year old's favorite food is pasta too. like mother like daughter. 
  9. i would love to have a cookbook someday.
  10. in the last year i received or purchased a mandolin (not the instrument, the food slicer), a pasta maker, a deep fryer, an apple corer, prettier casserole dishes for my pictures and a zester. remember- i did mention these were random factoids.

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