Sunday, April 17, 2011

too long

i had a good excuse, i promise! been in puerto rico for the last week for some much needed r&r. thought this was a good opportunity to share some of the food found on that beautiful island.
i found it to be a cross between spanish, cuban and mexican. lots of rice and beans and plantains. plantains are so popular that what's grown on the island isn't enough and they have to import them from the dominican repulic or costa rica. i've only seen plantain chips in the states. in puerto rico you'll find them prepared in several ways and on every menu. tostones is a common appetizer and what i would compare to a potato pancake- basically plantains mushed up and fried. they were surprisingly delicious! another common dish i had the pleasure of enjoying was called mofongo, a combination of mashed plantains and your choice of steak, pork, chicken or veggies. i think they eat plantains as often as my brother eats french fries. my friends, that's a lot.

asopaos, a hearty soup/stew made with meat or seafood, is also fairly popular. i tasted a beef and green pea version which was accompanied with rice and veggies in a broth. i wish i would have ordered this... it was amazing.
most popular dessert is flan or anything made with coconut... or even coconut flan!
had the fortunate opportunity of trying piraguas- a shaved ice with fruity syrup such as: rasberry, pineapple, coconut, guava or tamarind, among others. the locals who sell piraguas are known as pirag├╝eros. you'll find them near plazas in small carts.
what do you drink? well, rum, rum and rum. (maybe a shot of tequila in there, but mostly rum). puerto rico is the largest rum producer in the world. got to experience the bacardi rum tour in all it's glory. don't you worry, i had my fair share of mojitos in honor of the cherished spirit.
i'd have to say the island was simply fantastic and the food was very enjoyable. best part, however, was spending time with great friends. webers, thanks for the memories.

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