Wednesday, January 18, 2012

the perfect margarita

taco week day 3: turkey tacos

i must pay homage to my husband's favorite meal. the turkey taco. i wish i could add some fancy ingredients to create the oooo/ahhhh factor, but truth be told my husband is the most traditional, conservative man you'll ever meet, therefore i wouldn't be telling the truth if i added any sorta pizzazz to this meal. that being said, there isn't a recipe. it's simply ground turkey with a packet of taco seasoning on a flour tortilla with chopped tomatoes, lettuce and cheese. viola.
while we are on the mexi train i find it absolutely necessary to share with you the recipe for a perfect margarita. brian was a bartender back in the day, and a good one at that. he is truly in his element with a shaker in one hand and a bottle of booze in the other. amen to that. beware. this contains pretty much all booze. i'm told the stuff in the bottle that you and i are probably used to isn't the "real deal".

the perfect margarita
3 oz tequila
1 1/2 oz grand marnier (or any other orange liqueur if you are cost conscious)
juice from 1 lime
margarita salt

1. salt rim of glass by dipping in bowl of water followed by dipping in margarita salt.
2. throw the booze & the juice of a lime in a shaker with ice. shake it up. (if you don't have a shaker use 2 pint glasses.)
3. pour into your salted glass.

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